Our community has pledged their homes to the hosting of yearly retreats.

Bringing together inspirational world changers from the fields of art, science, activism and beyond, The Artivist Nest offers both the unique experience of living and working together in communal spaces and the opportunity to make progress towards powerful, shared goals. Coming together, face to face, sparks real connection, catalyzes ideas, and allows for true recognition of common vision. A final, collaborative artistic output or communication created from each session takes the message forward.

Each year a particular, pressing human concern is addressed; we think of these as global opportunities. Participants explore themes through social think tanks, workshops, mentorship, dedicated creative projects and art creation – returning home with inspired, solution-minded experience; we think of these as addressing a problem from three different angles: a macro, a micro, and an awareness angle.

Macro: experts coming together

Our Macro Mission: The assembling of experts within their respective fields tackling the themes being addressed in our sessions. These experts, i.e. scientists, activists and artists join us for the rare opportunity to work and collaborate in tandem with their peers as well as the individuals being directly affected by the addressed global issues. They then go back to their institutions to inform, educate and implement their findings for a ripple effect within systems and establishments to create the change we are hoping to achieve.

Micro: raising individuals

Our Micro Mission: Building a healthier and more equitable society one individual at a time by raising up the people affected by the very themes being addressed in our sessions. Their participation is at the heart of our retreats: face-to-face conversations amongst the individuals affected, humanitarian activists and the various experts invited, in order to facilitate an open minded and critical thinking space for positive impact, not just within institutions but within the lives and communities of these individuals first. Our hope is that by extending a hand to a few brave and young people, they may get a few steps further in life, in feeling the support of their fellow global citizens, and then be inspired to take this opportunity and positive new attitude forward, one step at a time.

Awareness: the power of art to affect change

The collaborative artistic output created from each session takes the message forward, bringing a sort of capsule of the findings and contributions of the participants out into the public. This will promote awareness around each session’s theme.

The proposals for the coming years are both plans in progress, and an evolving wish list. In the spirit of open source projects, we invite you – our colleagues, friends, family, and fellow change makers – to share your input, resources, and experience where you find resonance.

Join us in realizing our mission.